March 16, 2012

Day 107 - Kiss Me I'm Irish

Here is another one for St Patrick's day, for today's design I went with the whole Kiss me I'm Irish theme. You see so many people wearing the shirts and silly hats with this all over it, I had to do it. I'm sure only a small amount are actually Irish but I love it! Any holiday or event where people come together dress up and act crazy I'm in! I'm not going out to party but I will definitely be rockin some green and gold come Saturday. 

I painted the nails in this bright green polish which usually looks really cute on tanned skin but for this design and against my pale skin it looked a tad bit too yellow so I decided to press dark green glitter over the tips. I painted the pictures using my Instant Artist paints, painting the colors first and then outlining them with black.

Polish: Orly Fresh

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