March 05, 2012

Day 96 - Spring Color Blocking

I've been totally bummed about the weather last couple weeks its just been so cold and wet and I am so ready for spring! So for today's post I decided to do a simple fun design with some spring colors in hopes to bring me out of this funk that I am in. I was in no mood today to go super crazy on the design.

Color blocking is super easy and I think it looks awesome on nails. All you do is choose a color for the base and a selection of contrasting colors, I went with this soft purple from the Electropop collection. Once the base is applied and completely dry you place thin strips of tape onto the nail, I wanted the blocks to all be different so I crisscrossed the tape randomly over each nail. The next step is to paint in the exposed areas of the nail with the previously chosen colors, I went with four instant artist paints in Dark Purple, Hot Blue, Rose and Grape. I am pretty happy with how these turned out, they almost looks like stained glass. The only thing I would change is when I applied the tape I did not make sure that there were no air bubbles in the tape which resulted in lines that are not a crisp as I had hoped.

Polish: China Glaze Sweet Hook

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