March 04, 2012

Day 95 - Dolphin Love

Every now and then I will use my blog for good, I am a huge animal lover and there are a few causes that are dear to my heart. I absolutely love dolphins!!! As a kid I love going to the Vancouver Aquarium to watch the dolphin show, As an adult I am now aware of the horrible things dolphins go through so people can enjoya few minutes of their adorable smiling faces and fancy tricks. First of all I would like to say if you have not watched the documentary The Cove please do!! It will change your life forever! Right now there is the horrible slaughtering of dolphins going on in Taiji Japan, the hunting season is coming to an end with over 700 dolphins killed this year. Ric O'Barry (one of my personal heroes!) is the man behind the movie, he has a great website and I urge you to visit it, lots of great info! I also ask that you sign the petition not to buy a ticket to a dolphin show or swim with dolphins in captivity, here is the link Everytime you you spend money on these activities you are personally funding the dolphin slaughter :(

as for the nail Art... because thats what you came for! I started off by painting a blue french without any concern for clean lines, keeping it lower in certain areas and higher in others. Once I kinda had the basic shape for the waves, I painted in the dolphins and added all the details. For the design, I wanted the dolphins to be jumping out of the ocean and swimming amongst the waves, to represent this I went in with my white and black striping paint and added in the details to the waves to show motion.

Polish: Avon Blue Escape


  1. I love the Avon Blue Escape Polish that you used!

    I'm sorry I have never seen the Cove those kind of Movies/Documentaries make me way to angry.

  2. Hey there! Just wanted to let you know I featured this nail art design on my Top Summer Ideas & Inspiration list on my blog “The Sparkle Queen” with my followers! I hope you check it out! I am constantly updating this list as well (and starting lists for future posts!), so if you create any designs you would like featured on this post, or more in the future, make sure to send me the links! Have a fantastic day! <3 The Sparkle Queen @

    PS: I also have an image ESPECIALLY for people who have been featured to share! Grab it from my “Featuring and Sharing” Page.

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