March 29, 2012

Day 120 - Afternoon Tea

My girlfriend brought me back all sorts of nail goodies from Hong Kong and included in the pack were some mini 3D sweets, The minute I saw them it made me want to go for afternoon tea and desserts.

I wanted to go with a Victorian floral french for this design, I started of with the pastel polish and then painted the roses. I had seen this tutorial a while ago and it is by far the easiest way to paint a rose (Tutorial Link) what I did was paint  two red dots with the dotting tool placed side by side. I then  painted two light pink dots on either side  of the red ones in the shape of a +, while the dots are still wet use your smallest dotting tool and swirl the paints to form the petals. Do watch the video, it makes much more sense! after that I added the leaves and outlined all the roses. When that was all done I used my silver striping paint and added the line under the french (like the trim on china) and then to make it even more girly I added some pearls. For the ring finger I painted the french polish and added the tiny sweets by adhering them with a small drop of nail glue, you would be shocked how well these things stay on! They do drive me nuts but I still think it's worth it.

Polish: Avon Mark Mojito

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