March 28, 2012

Day 119 - Chanel

Ever since I painted the Chanel stitch french a few weeks back I have wanted to do this design. Just today I got the chains that I needed, so I of course could not wait.

My idea was to paint on three of the nails the texture of the purse, it was really hard to find the right color combo where it still looked black but you could also see the stitch lines. I decided to go with  a dark charcoal because none of my blacks were working. After the print was done, I added the chains to match the strap of the purses. On the ring finger I painted the logo, this was pretty easy just painted it using a white striping paint. The thumb I got to have a little fun, I made a white flower with my acrylic mold which I thought looked a lot like the flower embellishments you see on some of the accessories, to give it more of a Chanel look I added in some black detail. To finish off the design I alternated pearls and metal studs coming off the flower.

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