March 27, 2012

Day 118 - Hibiscus Holiday

For the last month I have just been swamped with manicures and pedicures for clients going on vacation, most of them going to Hawaii. At this point I am unable to go on a fabulous vacation like the ones I have been hearing about so I decided the least I could do was paint some vacation nails to make me feel better! I now have my own little piece of Hawaii on my finger tips.

Hibiscus flowers are really easy to do and they look a lot more complex than a basic flower when the really are not. What you want to do is start off with a completely polished nail, I went with a teal french with a coat of clear on top. Wait until the polish is almost dry to paint your flowers, this is the most important step! With a dotting tool I painted two flowers on each nail, once the nail art was dry I used the pointy side of my cuticle pusher (but anything pointy would work) and I removed some of the color out of the middle of each nail giving it the hibiscus look. after the flowers were complete I painted a couple curly lines and finished off with some top coat.

Polish: China Glaze Custom Kicks

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