March 18, 2012

Day 109 - Ninja Turtles

While I was thinking about tonight's post I was looking at the pile of green nail polish that I had bought for St. Patrick's Day and it came to me, The four colors I had sitting there looked like the different skin tones of the ninja turtles, so I decided to go with it. As a child Ninja Turtles were my favorite. I was always Raphael when we fought the neighborhood boys, I had the red mask and a pair plastic sai I thought I was pretty awesome!

 Usually I hate repeating colors a couple days in a row but the green I used as a base is very different from what I had been using previous days, This color was one of my fav's last summer and it was perfect for my TMNT design. It really shows off the different shades of the turtles. To paint the turtles I started with the four nail polishes painting the shape of their heads, then using instant artist paints I painted the masks in their appropriate colors. to finish the turtles off I outlined them and painted in the eyes. I was stuck on the thumb so I decided to just paint TMNT in the new font, I wanted to paint the original logo that I grew up with but to be honest this seemed so much easier! I am really happy with the nails and I think they would have made the 8 year old version of me very proud!

                                             Above is without flash and below is with flash

Polish: China Glaze Electric Pineapple (base) Gaga for Green (Leonardo) Four Leaf Clover (Michelangelo) Orly Fresh (Donatello) Art Club Green striping paint (Raphael)