March 17, 2012

Day 108 - Luck Of The Irish

Happy St Patty's Day Everyone! I hope some of you are going out tonight, that way  I can live Vicariously through you, I plan to just chill at home tonight and watch a little hockey.

This design is definitely my favorite from the bunch, I love the combo of hand painted fun and the clover embellishments that are mixed in there, I think it gives the design a little more dimension than the usual hand painted design. I really enjoyed painting this, I was able to use lots of fun colors (all instant artist as usual) And I think they turned out great against the green background, especially the complimentary colors of the rainbow and beard of the leprechaun they really pop. I painted this in the opposite order that I usually do, I started with black outline and filled in the colors after, this allowed me to keep the lines a little thinner. I could not be happier with this, and I am just so pleased the rainbow actually lined up!

Polish: China Glaze Gaga For Green

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