March 14, 2012

Day 105- In A Galaxy Far Far Away

I have seen a bunch of Galaxy nails pop up on different sites over the last few months. I first saw it on YouTube, it was a cutepolish tutorial that was very well done and I have wanted to give it a try since (click tutorial if you want to see it). Me and my husband have also been super obsessed with NASA and UFO documentaries for the last little while, every time we watch one it reminds me that I have been putting it off. So here is my galaxy design...

This design is very easy but it is also a huge pain in the butt. You need lots of colors and even more patience. The great part is you cannot mess it up, if something does not look right you just layer another color on top. I started with a glittery dark blue polish on the nail, I then used a makeup sponge with the sharp edge torn off to sponge in the basic shapes using a silver polish. Then you just start layering the colors, I found the metallic colors looked the best and were the easiest to sponge on, after I had all the colors down I went over the highlight areas with the silver glitter (Tinsel) to add some extra sparkle to the design.  With the galaxy mostly done I added the finishing touches, I used my Grape instant artist to add some detail along the spiral and used Crisp White paint to add the globular clusters of stars. I love these nails I think they turned out great! Thanks Cutepolish for the inspiration!!

Polish: (in order of use) China Glaze Meteor Shower, Silver Lining, Drawn to you, Blue Year's Eve, Street Racing, Sunshine Pop and Tinsel

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