March 06, 2012

Day 97 - Chanel Stitch French

I just got off work and I am so happy I did nail art on my girlfriend today because I am in no mood to paint my own nails. This French is inspired by the stitching on her Chanel purse, All I did for this design is paint diagonal dashed lines crossing each other to match the stitch. For some reason and I do not know why but it really bugs me to paint a colored french and not have something between the smile line and the pink part of the nail. I always have to add glitter or something to break up the line. I know its kinda weird...For these nails I went with a silver glitter which made me feel a lot better! For the flowers I started by painting the petals in black, once dry I went over them in a white paint leaving just an thin outline. I added another black dot at the base of each petal and finished them off with a crystal.

Polish: Nail Harmony Gelish Black Shadow

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