February 28, 2012

Day 90 - Black Roses and Polka Dots

Today I was in the mood for a cute girly french with some 3D art. I decided to go with the large rose mold I had in my kit. Using black EZ Flow acrylic and some small clear rhinestones I made the flowers, I find the key to using the molds is to apply the 3D art while it is still wet so it forms to the nails without any sticky out parts. There is nothing more frustrating than doing your nails and minuted later find a corner of a flower has broken off.

The french tip was painted before hand using my Instant artist paint in pink pastel with a coat of glitter polish. After the flowers were applied I decided I needed to tie in the black with the french so I added the tiny polka dots. I think these nails turned out pretty cute. I like the soft shimmery colors against the bold black flower

Polish: OPI Bubble Bath & Teenage Dream


  1. Those are so cute. Am I getting it right that you actually make those little flowers? I just figured you bought them somewhere...

  2. Yes I do, They are molds from 3D nail. My supplier carries them but you can also buy them online at
    www.3D-nails.com They are silicone molds you fill with acrylic and apply it to the nail