February 25, 2012

Day 87 - Violets

For todays post I wanted to paint Violets, the flower of February. Even though I have not painted the previous months flowers I decided to do February because I really like violets. I love the color and shape of the flower, great for nail art. Sticking with the theme I decided to use this polish because it is the closest color I had to amethyst (Feb birthstone) and it also went nicely with the flowers.

 These flowers are super easy to paint, using a small square brush and purple craft paint I painted the petals, starting at the top and overlapping them working my way down. After that I outlined them and added in the purple and blue shading, once that dried I painted in some black lines coming from the center of the flower and finished it off with a yellow stone. I didn't really like just the floating flower so I added the little swirls, still not sure if it was the best choice but it looks alright.

Polish: China Glaze Marry a Millionaire

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