February 21, 2012

Day 83 - Mermaid French

I love mermaids and I felt inspired after having a sleepover at my sister in laws house where I watched the little mermaid with my niece. I think the movie must have played all the way through at least three times while I was over. I have all sorts of little sequins and embelleshments in my nail art kit, but it was the opal hexagon glitter that made me do this design. I have always thought they would make good scales and perfect for the tail of a mermail.

for the design I started off by painting a chevron style french in this awesome teal green sparkle polish, while the polish was still wet I pressed the Hexagon Glitters into the polish, slightly overlapping them for a scale like apperance. This was super tideous but definitely worth it, In person they are so glittery, I was quite excited! To make the french look more like the tail of a mermail I painted the lip part where the tail meets the body, I did this in a matching teal color. To finish it off I wanted to add some 3D, the starfish were done using an acrylic mold and pink acrylic. I added the pink dots after to give it more detail

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