February 19, 2012

Day 81 - Blue and Green Abstract French

I have to admit, I am definitely finding it a bit tricky to blog every day and have it posted for the morning. This was another post done at the very last minute and published at the end of the day.

For this design I knew I wanted to stay on the simpler side but still use a variety of fun colors. I had just picked up this green polish and have been tempted to use it. I painted the green french with really no plan, after that I decided to use the royal blue and white striping paint  just to add more layers to the design. At that point it was looking alot like a canucks french so I had to add some more colors to steer away from that. Believe me I will be posting at least a couple canucks designs come playoffs no need for it now. So sticking with this kinda monochromatic color scheme I incorporated the yellow and turqoise to the design. I think these are really cute, they are not overly chaotic but still super fun.
Polish: Orly Fresh

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