February 17, 2012

Day 79 - Pink Bows and Rhinestones

I was in the mood for some 3D nail deco and had these adorable pink bows in my kit so I thought why not, I am not going to lie 3D nails are a huge pain, they get caught on my clothes, my hair gets stuck on them when I shampoo, but even with the odd cursing and frustration I love 3D nails and will never stop wearing them!

The polish I used for the french is from the magnetix collection, I decided not use the magnet because I liked the color but did not want the design. I underlined the french with black (not the greatest job, I was in a bit of a rush) to give a little extra detail. For the crystals I applied them using nail glue, since they are on the bigger side and I was not using gel I wanted to ensure they didn't fall off. Now for the 3D, usually I would use an acrylic mold and apply while it was still wet so that there was a perfect seal to the nail. These bows were purchased from our local chinese night market and are completely flat on the bottom. I find the trick to wearing these is to apply with regular nail glue, once dry I use clear acrylic to fill in the area below. With just a little clear polish you would never be able to tell and it makes the nail deco a lot more durable.

Polish: China Glaze Attraction

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