February 15, 2012

Day 77 - Blue Shatter Reverse French

This style of nail is can either be called a reverse french or half moon manicure, I have definitely grown to like this manicure style. I usually wear it with a nice dark color and have a metallic as the half moon, but today I went a little brighter. I am one of those people who matches my nails to my outfit, I don't particularly like to be matching but when I am struggling to choose a color it seems to be the easiest decision. So these nails are inspired by my new bright blue blazer, which I wore a soft pink shirt under.

I have mentioned in previous posts that the crackle (or shatter in this case) has not been a huge hit with my clients, When China Glaze released the two lines I of course had to rush out and buy them all. So I wanted to do this design as inspiration, to show that when used in nail art the crackle/shatter is quite pretty. It cracks based on how you paint it on the nails, what i did for this design is paint the shatter polish in a rounded sweeping motion horizontally across the nails in one thicker coat. I like a thicker coat because you get the big cracks, I think the tiny ones look a little weird, but that's my opinion. To fancy them up a bit I used a silver glitter striping paint and defined the area between the plain pink and blue shatter, after that I added pink crystals on the tips of the nails. I really like this design and I usually go very bright that's just my style, this can look really classy when done with a black polish and silver crackle

Polish: China Glaze Empowerment and OPI Blue Shatter

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