February 14, 2012

Day 76 - Sweethearts

I just want to start off by saying Happy Valentines Day Everyone!!! Hope you all get to enjoy some holiday sweets today, I've already started the day off with some pink smarties :) One Valentines day candy I am not particularly fond of is sweethearts. I am not big on the flavor,  I'm more of a cinnamon hearts kinda girl. But even though I don't like to eat them, I do love all the cute messages they put on the conversation hearts and I think it is great that they are always updating them to stay with the times.

I have seen tons of different conversation heart nails and I knew I wanted to do a set as well when I started thinking about my V day designs. I did stray a bit from the official color scheme of the candies. Sweethearts always have red printing on them and that is what all the other designs had, so to be different I went with black so I could outline them and give the candies a little more depth and detail. I painted this design on my acrylics so I did not have to use polish, I thought it would be a waste because I was using so much acrylic paint so all I did was paint a thick even layer of base coat. For the hearts I painted all the outlines first, then was the fun part I had to fill in all the colors. It was like painting in a tiny coloring book. After that I added in the messages using my striping paint. I am super stocked with how these turned out, I think they could be one of my favorites so far.

Polish: just China Glaze Strong Adhesion Base Coat


  1. Those are so cute! I love that you're starting on the smarties already, we have pink cupcakes at work and I am trying to avoid them till at least after lunch... I donno if I will make it.

  2. Thanks!! I know i'm horrible, I consumed so much more after that :)