February 05, 2012

Day 67 - Swirls and Hearts

I did these nails on my cousin last night, It was a natural nail mani on short nails so my canvas was on the smaller side. Personally I love short nails especially when they are all done up with art, I find when you go with super busy art on short nails it looks a lot tamer than it actually is. Where on my nails the art is so much more in your face.

This design started off as a pink and red french, I then took the same red striping paint and painted random shaped swirls coming off the french. After that I painted in the red and white hearts, at this point the design was still really missing something so I went in with my silver striping paint and added some detail to the swirls and french.

Above without flash, below with flash

Polish: China Glaze Dance Baby

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