February 03, 2012

Day 65- Fiery Red Heart French

I redid this design a couple tims before I was happy with it, I tried different color combos I even had some sequins on there at one point. But in the end i decided to go with a classic Red Heart. Eventhough this design is on the bigger side, I think it looks classy with the black and red. I love these two colors together and with the silver outline, it just makes it even better. But I just love a nice bold creamy bright color in a high gloss, its like candy.

This design is another easy one, not too much to explain here. I painted the black french tips, after that I painted a large red heart on each nail making sure it touched either side of the nail. I outlined the hearts using a silver striping paint and then went in and painted little shine marks on the hearts. I am really happy with these nails, I may have to wear this one again on Valentines day.

Above no flash, below with flash

Polish: China Glaze Liquid Leather Hearts are Orly Instant Artist Fiery Red and Plantinum

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