February 01, 2012

Day 63 - Bee Mine

Today is the first day of february, Yay!! and the first day of valentines designs, I know it's a bit early but the stores have been pushing since Jan 2nd so I'm good. I had been thinking a lot about valentines designs and decided I had to do 14 designs because I had way too many ideas. Valentines day is one of my favorite days, I know it is a bit silly and way out of hand, but I love all the pink, hearts and gushy stuff every where you go!

This design I thought was kinda of cute, I got the inspiration from pinterest. I was randomly browsing the new posts (which I tend to do for hours on hand) and came across a picture of a valentines day card with a bee that said bee mine, it was too cute I had to recreate it. I decided to use a fun blue color for this one, I know its more spring then valentines but the next two weeks will be filled with pink and red so I wanted to ease into the holiday

Polish: China Glaze Aquadellic


  1. This is so cute!!! I love this more than any bumblebee mani I have seen :)