January 29, 2012

Day 60 - Stars and Stripes

Sorry if you check my blog in the am, this is a late post. All the girls from the salon went out last night for dinner, one thing led to another and I wasn't home until after 1:30, so this morning I slept in...

When you hear stars and stripes you probably think of the American flag but this design is definitely not US themed. For this design I went a little 80's pop.  I painted the nails in a creamy grey polish a color that I love!! But because this polish is so dull I wanted to add some bright nail art. Using my turquoise, hot pink and yellow paints I painted horizontal stripes across the nail. I painted the blue line the thickest and went smaller and smaller with the pink and yellow. After that was dry I painted the stars and little dots in alternating corners.

Considering my hand was a little shaky this morning I think they turned out pretty good!

Polish: China Glaze Recycle

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