January 27, 2012

Day 58 - Rooster Feather Nails

For these nails I wanted to use my striping paints and paint random ribbons of color in bright tropical shades. First I drew out the shapes in black all over the nails, I then colored them in using an assortment of my instant artist paints. I decided to do some strping over a few of the ribbons to add a little more detail but after painting a couple nails I realized they looked a lot like rooster feathers so I went with this theme and finished the nails.

I really like the look of rooster feathers but I definitely think they should stay on the rooster!! I wore some faux ones in my hair for quite awhile in hopes I would encourage people to go with cruelty free, as an animal rights activist I am strongly againt the real thing and what those poor roosters go through!! And if you can't find synthetic feathers just wear them on your nails ;)

The top  picture is with flash, above is without and the picture below is a picture of rooster feathers

Polish: Just China Glaze Strong Adhesion Base Coat the rest is Orly Instant Artist Paints (acrylic striping paints)

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