January 22, 2012

Day 53 - Red Plaid French

Today is the Eve of Chinese New Year. I've already done a bunch of red and gold designs for the holiday but this is my favorite french so far. Sticking with the color scheme of the holiday I wanted to use red and gold. At first I was thinking of using white but I am glad I went with black in the end, I'm thinking the white would have made the nails look too christmassy (that is a word, I looked it up, lol)

This manicure was done on a client so I used gel polish rather than regular nail polish so the design would last 3 weeks, after the tip color was cured I wiped it with nail cleanser and painted in the design using striping paints. I have had no issues using nail art paints under Gelish top coat.
This design is on the simple side but I really like it and by changing the colors you really could wear this any time of the year. For Chinese New Year I wanted to have nails on both end of the spectrum this design is clean and classic, stay tuned for tomorrow when I will be posting one of my more challenging designs...

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