January 21, 2012

Day 52 - Aquarius

We are now in Aquarius, It is considered an air sign so I wanted to paint the nails in grey and blue shades. Not too sure what color air should be but I liked the color combo and thought it worked so I went with it. I want all the zodiac nails to match so I stuck with the black and white outline around the lettering and symbol. I must say I am sooo happy that the next nine signs have six or less letters, it was quite tricky squishing the word Aquarius over three fingers. As frustrating as it was I like the color contrast of the dull creamy gray base and the pop of bright silver.  This sign is the symbol of the water Carrier, in ancient Greek mythology Aquarius poured water from the heavens for days on end, which is quite suiting for our current situation, for those of you not in the Vancouver area the rain is just dumping down with no end in sight, but anyhow back to the nails... to represent the water carrier I painted a jug pouring large amounts of water over the thumb. I am really happy with this whole design, If I was an Aquarius I would definitely rock these.

Polish: China Glaze Recycle

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