January 19, 2012

Day 50 - 80's inspired

I had a fun day at the salon today, a bunch of my cowokers  wanted some nail art so I was quite excited to play on nails other than my own.  This design is 80's inspired. Even though I was born in 1984 and I was only a small child in the 80's, I love this decade!!! Everything about it! The bright colors, the crazy fashion and most of all the music.

For this design I wanted to try color blocking, I love randomness so I painted every nail different. The nails were already painted in a dark blue gel polish so I use my orly instant artist paints. These specific striping paints are acrylic based which make them completely opaque, so the colors still pop on the dark background. I painted in the blue, purple and pink and then defined the colors by drawing in the black dividing lines. To finish it off I painted in gold chains on the ring finger and thumb.

Polish: Nail Harmony Gelish Deep Sea, Orly Instant artist  hot pink, hot blue and grape


  1. I love this! I'm a baby of 1987 and I still love everything about the 80s! Even though I was more a child of the 90s. ;)

  2. Thanks so much!! I've been checking out your blog too, I love it! such great nail art!