January 12, 2012

Day 43 - Giraffe Print

I got this new super soft giraffe print blanket for Christmas which I love, quite often I have it wrapped around me late night when I am typing up my blog for the following morning. So today, that is where my inspiration came from. as you can see, I have posted two different photos today. Originally I wanted the design to be a random giraffe pattern wrapping around the side of each nail (which I think looks kinda cute) but when I finished I was enjoying the design so much I wanted to go all the way and just finish it. I am so happy I did, I love these nails!! I was a little sad, I painted these yesterday between clients so you can imagine how they looked once I was done removing her polish :( I think they were perfect for a whole 10 min. But the good news is my client love the design and it lives on, on her nails.

This one is quite easy it is a little tedious painting all the shapes but definitely worth the try. I just pulled up a picture of giraffe print on my iPhone and copied the basic shapes trying to do a variety of sizes.

as for the polish I will have to add that in later, I forgot to write down the colors

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  1. I did a giraffe print the other day but used a stamp image! I totally don't think I would have the patience to hand draw like you did! I love the colors you used too!!!!