January 11, 2012

Day 42 - Dots

This one is super simple, I saw a similar design on pinterest (my new obsession) It was a white nail with random pastel dots. For my design I wanted to go bright with a variety of fun colored dots focused just on the tips of the nail. Not sure what it is supposed to look like bubble gum? sprinkles? the dippin dots you get at the movies? but it actually kinda reminds me of the kwik-e-mart donut from the Simpson's if only the dots were elongated to look like the donut sprinkles.

There is no reason to go on and on explaining the design, I used a dotting tool and a variety of paints. This polish is my favorite toe color, but I find it impossible to get the color right in a photo. Any polish bloggers out there have tips on taking pictures of neons? I find no flash dulls the color and flash makes it way to bright...well if you have not seen this color in person take my word for it, the color is amazing!!!

Polish: China Glaze Purple Panic (Neon) not to be confused with the original Purple Panic which is not very nice


  1. CUTE! I love all the colors together AND this is so not a winter mani therefore I love it! What a great way to boycott winter woot!

  2. I know, lol!!!! We have had sun last two days so I am definitely feeling the bright tones, soooo ready for spring!!