January 08, 2012

Day 39 - Swirls and Dots

This design is completely random. I really liked the polish (it's another one from Electropop, big surprise!) Originally I had wanted to do this design in light monotone colors. When I finished painting the blue and white swirls I felt as though it needed a little more depth, so I decided to add in some black as well. After that I painted dots along random swirls. I think this design is kinda cute, but what I like most is the more I look at it, it kinda looks like a paisley bandana and that gives me inspiration for a future design. Also kinda looks like an octopus attack, but thats kinda weird, lol!

Polish: China Glaze Kinetic Candy


  1. That's funny, all I saw was swirls until your octopus comment. Now I see octopus. It's cute either way.

  2. And I only saw swirls til the octopus comment lol! Either way it looks great!