January 07, 2012

Day 38 - One Stroke Flowers

I'm still fairly new at one stroke painting, I have watched who knows how many YouTube tutorials on this nail art Tr. I am fascinated by the different one stroke design people come up with, So far I can just paint flowers but I hope to master this technique very soon! For the based, I painted the nails and with a similar color of loose glitter I pressed it into the polish to create a sparkly fade. With one stroke painting you load your brush with two colors (one on each side of the brush) and apply the colors all at once in one stroke, depending on the angles you hold the brush you get different shading effects. For the petals I used two similar tones so it is a little difficult to see the fade. The paints I used are just regular acrylic craft paints in a light turquoise and a periwinkle purple color. After I finished painting the petals I outlined the flowers with a black striping paint and added in some white highlight along the edge. Then with my dotting tool I added in some final details. I usually would not where a design like this in the winter but I think the dark base tone makes it OK. I am quite happy with this design and I am definitely looking forward to playing around with this technique in the near future

Polish: China Glaze Stella

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  1. I love this! I've been checking out one stroke technique too and it does not seem very easy to me lol! I would like to say I'm going to try it in the future though--we'll have to see if I actually do. I love all these colors you picked and it sure brightens up a winter day!