January 06, 2012

Day 37 - Hot Pink Lotus

For those of you who have had nail art from me, there is a good chance you have had some sort of lotus flower painted on your nail at one time or another. I love this design it is simple but fun! Usually I go with a black outline but today I wanted go with a darker base color and bright design, so I decided to use a white striping paint  (also if you did not read yesterday's post my black is being difficult) After the outline of the flowers was done I knew I wanted to go super bright, so out came my hot pink instant artist paint. You cant really tell in the photo but this purple has a very fine blue and neon pink sparkle in it, so this combo really worked. To finish it off I went in with my dotting tool and added some final touches. This design is old news to alot of you, but still one of my favs!

Polish: China Glaze Flying Dragon


  1. This is SO pretty! So far I haven't ventured into the lotus flower design, I'm thinking I should get right on that!

  2. Excellent!! What can I say....you are such a brilliant nail designer. You were said that this design was old to a lot of folks but I wanna say not to me. Really mind touching stuff! Keep it up.

  3. Thanks for all the nice comments!! I truly appreciate it!