January 02, 2012

Day 33 - Haute Metal Chevron

The Crackle nail polish has not been a huge hit with my clients and of coarse the polish addict I am rushed out and had to buy them in every color, leaving me with a rather large collection of unused polish. So today I decided I would play around with them, and this is what I came up with. I painted the nail a solid black and used the crackle on the tip painted in the chevron style of french, I then went in with a black and silver striping paint to give it a little more definition.  I mirrored the same design  on the lunula part of the nail and finished off by adding a crystal. Personally I am not overly fond of the all over crackle look but I do like it as an accent, especially in the metallics. I quite like this and would probably wear it again

China Glaze: Liquid Leather and Haute Metal Crackle Polish

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