December 28, 2011

Day 28 - Countdown to 2012

I love this design, I did something very similar last year on a couple clients and it was a big hit. This year I added in the pocket watch, which I think is too cute! I love this color, not sure if you can even get it anymore but it is fabulous, with even one coat you get a full coverage glitter. I'm not usually one to wear gold but it does pick up other colors which I really like.

For the nail art, I used hot pink, purple and blue striping paint and painted in fireworks, for the most part they are covered up so I just quickly painted them in as a background of random stripes and dots. After that I painted the white and silver parts and finisshed it off with the black detail. If I could paint my right hand this good, I would definitely be rocking these nails on New Years Eve.

Polish: China Glaze Medallion


  1. Such tiny details. What kind of brushes do you use? And are you using acrylic paints or polishes? So talented!

  2. This is great! Your designs are so crisp. I'd be curious to know if you used acrylic paint or polishes as well, and the brush info... I need a good detail brush.

  3. Thanks! this specific design is done using Orly instant artist paints, I use these striping paint because they are acrylic paint rather than polish. When I need a larger variety of color I use craft paints from Michaels (I prefer delta ceramcoat) My favorite brush is a thicher striping brush (also from michaels) It's black and says
    LOEW-CORNELL 7050 SCRIPT. Let me know if you have any more questions, hope this helps!