December 16, 2011

Day 16 - Retro Ornaments

I love the Orly instant artist paints, In my opinion they are the best striping paints available. I have them in every color and I quite enjoy the bright ones, especially on dark gloomy days like today. The rain makes me feel depressed, so I definitely needed some color to cheer me up.

 I painted the ornaments in a variety of color combos and added a different retro looking snowflake on each one. Because they were ornaments I wanted them on a nice dark green to represent the tree, unfortunately I only have the one shade of green at the moment, so I layered it over a black polish to make it a nice deep color. I love how it turned out, I would totally wear this color on its own,

Polish: China Glaze Paper Chasing on top of Liquid Leather

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