December 14, 2011

Day 14- I'm dreaming of a white christmas

For these nails I wanted to use soft wintery colors on a horizontal striped tip. I really like the color combo of the glittery base with the light creamy blue tip and metallic silver stripes. The snowflakes were created using a 3d acrylic mold. I love these molds! you just put in a little acrylic and after a few seconds you have perfect 3d art, they make my life so much easier. After the snowflakes were made and applied the nails still needed a little bit more, so I went in with my dotting tool and finished up the design. I really like these nails and think they will be quite popular over the winter

Polish: Zoya snowsicle tip is China Glaze Sea Spray with orly instant artist paint in platinum


  1. I love those nails. You're right that style would totally work well past Christmas.

  2. pretty cool, i wish my wife had pretty nails lke that