November 28, 2013

Points, Glitter and filligree

We are entering the festive season and I could not be more excited for all the glitter and crystals these next two month bring! I did a major nail art haul last week, so I am stocked and super pumped!

This design started off as a Gelish gradient, using Inner Vixen and Bronzed. I then pressed a loose glitter mix over the tip. With my White Instant Artist paint I painted in a thin filigree and finished it by gluing small crystals to the end of each curl.

November 12, 2013

Short points with flowered tips

I am so happy the pointy nails are catching on! I have reshaped more clients over the last 2 months than I ever thought I would! These nails are a great everyday shape! still fashionable but also very functional!
to accent the shape the client wanted the nails painted black with a simple row of daisies on each tip. I love this design! Its so simple which keeps it classy!

November 08, 2013


This is the month that I am most grateful not to be a single girl. We are only a week in and already you are seeing the beginnings of sad looking sparse moustaches, and the ones who are able to grow facial hair are a few days away from looking like full out perverts. But Movember is a great cause, and I always support great causes! To help raise awareness and let all the Mo Sisters join in on the fun, I have decided to offer Moustache nail art by donation for the entire month. There is no limit on how much you get!

November 03, 2013

Ariel Costume

I hope everyone had a great Halloween! October was a crazy month for me, I was consumed by making my Ariel costume and I am finally now recovering from many sleepless nights.

For this post I will be sharing a picture of my nails along with a brief description of how I made my costume

For my mermaid nails I started with Gelish Deep Sea, I then pressed a holographic glitter into the sticky layer left on the cured nails. Next I used an assortment of crystals in different sizes and glued them diagonally along the tips. To finish off the design, I made a few 3D starfish using my acrylic molds from 3D-nails. Once everything was secured I completed the nails with gel top gloss.


After a month of intense labor, I can honestly say that I could not be happier with this costume! 

I started off with the shell bra. Luckily I had an old bra that was the perfect color, I cut off the straps and sewed new clear staps on. Next using femo clay, I sculpted the shells to cover the bra cups. This was probably the trickiest part of the costume, especially getting the cooking time correct. Using the same clay in a light pink color I sculpted the starfish hair clip. For the tail I simply pinned some stretchy dance fabric as tightly to my body as possible. Once this incredibly tight skirt was done. I cut off the bottom in a deep V from my knee to lower calf. Along the bottom of the skirt I attached 2 layers of tulle, I used 2 shades cut in 3" wide strips. I used the fabric for the top of the tail as well. The final part of my costume was my Sebastian purse, I think this is my favorite part of the whole costume! For him, I just picked up a stuffed toy from the Disney store, carefully detached the upper half of his shell with a thread picker, then glued gunned some Velcro for a closure. For the strap I braided 3 types of ribbon together one that had leaves and 2 for strength creating a seaweed like swing for him to sit on.

The most exciting part about my costume is that I can now offer a little mermaid upgrade for my princess manicure birthday parties. 

October 22, 2013

Breast Cancer Awareness

The month of October is wrapping up and I cant believe that this is my first Breast Cancer design. the month has just flown by!
This is a really simple manicure but I love the look of it. I started out using Gelish, the base is Taffeta and the french was done using Gossip Girl. Next I painted the ribbon using light pink acrylic paint, I then outlined it with my black soeasy striping paint. To finish it off I glued on some crystals and painted the smile line of each nail with silver glitter

September 03, 2013

Gelish Gradient with animal print step by step

These days I do a lot of gradient designs, I find its far less obvious for regrowth and the client can get an extra week out their mani. Plus they are super pretty!!

Here is a simple Gelish gradient, you can also do this with polish but you have wait between coats for it to fully dry. I am very impatient so I stick with gel! Other than your polishes all you will need is a eye shadow applicator or makeup sponge. I like those cheap ones that come with eye shadow palettes, the ones with the plastic handle and a tiny sponge on each end. I pick up bags of them from my beauty supply.

Step 1. solid coat of Gelish Light elegance

Step 2. sponge Gelish Sunburst over the tip fading down, you made need a second coat just at the very tip

Step 3. brush on a layer of Gelish June Bride, then thin it out along the cuticle using the other end of the side of the applicator.

Step 4. Using a striping Paint paint in some tiger stripes

Step 5. seal in the design with Gelish Top it Off

August 09, 2013

True Blood Nails on Nail Pro website

Every time I get any kind if recognition from one of the big nail magazines I'm super pumped! Its so hard to get noticed in this industry full of amazing talent, so I always feel extremely honoured when I get these opportunities. Last week I was asked for permission to use my True Blood nail design for a TV show nail art article on the Nail Pro website, here is the link...

Pretty excited about the publicity, unfortunately they posted the wrong Instagram account :( they posted @naileddaily not @jvnaildesign, I'm thinking I probably should change my watermark to prevent these mix ups in the future?